Sunday, 14 July 2013

Well there we are! I made it to the Rally. OK, a few jobs still to do. I didn't get the front wheels painted. Not enough clearance on the rear mudguards (although ajusting the rear shocks may help) but will try and work through the list as time allows. I thought I better post a picture of what it looked like when it arrived.


  1. Oh yes, quite a before and after shot! Looks really good Dave. Other than clearance issues, how did she handle?

  2. Errrrr Not too bad! Having very narrow cross-ply tyres I'm very cautious. Once I have sorted out a few of the niggles I will try and find somewhere off the Queens highway to see what gives out first!
    Glad you have started a Tiger Cub Larry!

    1. Hoping the Cub project won't take too long. I have most of the components already, to build a trials bike from it. Eventually I'd like to restore one to stock specification. Have been working on a blog for the model T project. Maybe I'll get that project rolling after a few bikes are done. Have fun with your "new" car!

  3. Happy Holidays Dave....might even have the 'T' blog rolling soon....